System for Early Neurological Deviation Detection

With the decision of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development to finance a project to develop a digital system for early detection of potential neurodevelopmental disorders in infants, we have embarked on a significant research and development project that will be applicable in diagnostics and globally available. The project will be implemented in the next three years in cooperation with the Pediatric Clinic dr. Sabol.

In several places in the world, research teams are already working on the development of such technology for the early detection of potential neurodevelopmental disorders in infants, and one of these places is Zagreb. Through the cooperation of the Polyclinic dr. Sabol and the IT company TIS-Objektni informacijski sustavi, a joint project called SENDD (System for Early Neurological Deviation Detection) was started, partly funded by European funds for research, development and innovation.

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